ar Insurance in 2023? If you’re looking to put some cash back in your wallet, your car insurance premium might be the place to look. We check rates across the country to find you the best and cheapest car insurance from major companies.

    We surveyed 10 insurance leaders and found the cheapest car insurance on USAA and Geico. The USAA average annual salary for real drivers of $1,141 per year is 27% less than the national average for all industries.

    Geico’s annual fee for good drivers is also cheap, coming in at $1,182. That’s 25% less than the national average of $1,569. While the USAA generally offers low-cost auto insurance for a variety of drivers, eligibility is limited to military personnel, veterans and their families.


    Cheap car insurance company

    USAA$1,141 27% cheaper
    Geico$1,18225% cheaper
    State Farm$1,40211% cheaper
    Erie$1,41910% cheaper
    Travelers$1,4359% cheaper
    Cheap car insurance rates

    How much you pay for car insurance will depend on many factors, including your age and driving history. Here is an overview of cheap car insurance for certain types of drivers.

    • Good drivers
    • Drivers with speeding tickets
    • Drivers cause accidents and injuries
    • Drivers with a DUI
    • Drivers with poor credit
    • Senior drivers
    • Young drivers

    Cheap car insurance companies for good drivers

    CompanyAverage annual rates for good driversSavings compared to average
    USAA$1,141$428 cheaper
    Geico$1,182$387 cheaper
    State Farm$1,402$167 cheaper
    Erie$1,419$150 cheaper
    Travelers$1,435$134 cheaper
    Averages are based on rates nationwide from 10 large auto insurance companies.
    These prices depending on the good drivers, which means no accident of mistakes or traffic damage. Associations give the most nutritious for the cheap car cover, but only soldiers, soldiers and their families.
    Cheap car insurance for drivers with speeding tickets
    CompanyAverage annual rates for drivers with a speeding ticketSavings compared to average
    USAA$1,381$535 cheaper
    Geico$1,579$337 cheaper
    Erie$1,600$316 cheaper
    State Farm$1,607$308 cheaper
    Travelers$1,828$88 cheaper
    Averages are based on rates nationwide from 10 large auto insurance companies.

    A speeding ticket will result in an insurance increase of about 24%, according to national statistics. Our review revealed the cheapest auto insurance from Geico, Erie and State Farm, with USAA being the top choice for those with military affiliations.